Ombudsman secretariat concerned over non-provision of basic facilities in housing foundation sectors

Islamabad, the 26th July 2019



The Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has shown great concern over non-provision of basic facilities to the residents of those sectors which had been developed by the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation and Pakistan Housing Authority.  There were number of complaints lodged by the residents against the above two subsidiary departments of Ministry of Housing & Works for non provision of basic infrastructure and facilities.  The Ombudsman Secretariat had issued number of decisions in favour of complainants which need implementation but delay was happening due to sever lack of coordination among PHA, PHF and CDA. 

Syed Tahir Shahbaz, the Federal Ombudsman took notice on this delay and to know the progress on the ongoing progress in these projects, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi, Senior Adviser WMS in the conference room of Ombudsman Secretariat.  The Managing Director, PHA, D.G.(Housing Foundation) and Members Planning & Engineering were among others who attended the meeting.  The representatives of retired officers association also attended the meeting.  The D.G. Housing Foundation informed that 4280 kanals land was acquired in G-13 and G-14, out of which 7446 plots were developed.  The plots had been handed over to allottees in G-13/14(1-2-3 sectors) in toto but 8% plots had not been handed over to the allottees in G-13 & 14/4 due to unauthorized occupants.  Mr. Shahidullah Baig, Adviser Implementation of WMS informed the meeting that a number of complainants awaited for possession of plots in these sectors, whereas, they had paid full amount of plots since many years ago.  The Ombudsman Secretariat directed that if there was some law and order situation there, then plots at an alternate place must be given to them.  The Member Planning CDA informed that in Bhara Kahu Project of Housing Foundation 15% land was to be given to CDA for green land but 8% had been handed over to it therefore, CDA was unable to develop green areas as per plan.  The Ombudsman Secretariat directed to provide the 7% land in Bhara Kahu project within one month so that CDA could develop green areas.

The Managing Director PHA informed that Kuri road project is almost completed but IESCO was not providing electricity due to non-provision of NOC by CDA.  The Member Planning & Engineering informed that modalities had been worked out regarding issuance of NOC and case would be placed in the next Board of Meeting of CDA.  The Adviser Implementation WMS informed that a number of complaints were filed against PHA for non-provision of basic facilities in the allotted flats.  The MD, PHA informed that in G-10 368 flats had been handed over to their allottees with provision of all basic facilities and 259 apartments would be handed over in couple of months after provision of all necessary facilities.  Both the departments informed that water shortage was being met with installation of more tube well in all HF sectors and apartments of PHA.  The Ombudsman Secretariat noted that there was lack of coordination among all three departments; therefore, it was directed to convene a meeting within a week to resolve all issues.   The Ombudsman Secretariat also formed a committee under the headship of Adviser Implementation Mr. Shahidullah Baig to monitor the progress on all issues.  The Ombudsman Secretariat further directed to present an implementation report on all issues after 30 days.