Ombudsman Secretariat clarifies jurisdiction relating to service matter cases

There had been number of complaints filed before the Honourable Wafaqi Mohtasib on daily basis relating to service matters, which sometimes creates confusion on the issue of jurisdiction to the Investigation Officers due to its sensitivity of nature. Following clarification has been made by the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat in this regard.

  1. The complaint of a complainant, who is/has been working in the Agency complaint against, will fall in the category of service matter.
  2. However, such complaints shall not be treated as service matter if the complainant has made complaint against the Agency other than the Agency in which he or she is/has been working in the following matters:-
    • Pension
    • Gratuity
    • G.P. and C.P. Fund
    • Group Insurance
    • Benevolent Fund
    • Travel concession
    • Medical facilities (to the retired employees)
    • Employees Old-age Benefits
    • Denial of admissible perks and privileges
    In Service Claims:
    • Medical reimbursement claims
    • Denial of admissible perks and privileges
    • Delay and discrimination in the grant of various advances such as Motor Card Advance, Motorcycle Advance, House Building Advance & G.P. Fund Advance
    • Allotment of accommodation and housing facilities
    • Educational and other benefits for the children of employees.
  3. Complaints of widows and family members of the deceased will not fall in the category of service matter in terms of Article 9(2) of P.O. No.1 of 1983 even if the complaint is made against the Agency in which the deceased employee had been working.