Honourable President upheld Federal Ombudsman's findings against Estate Office

Estate Office, Islamabad filed representation against the findings of the Wafaqi Mohtasib in a case where the complainant was given relief and the agency held responsible for its mal-administration. A widow of a deceased government employee, who had passed away in 2010 during service, had lodged complaint against the Estate Office Islamabad stating that she was charged a hefty amount of Rs. 0.55 Million for overstaying in the government accommodation which was allotted to her late husband. The WMS conducted an investigation and it was revealed that under the Prime Minister's Assistance package the complainant had been given a five year period to stay in the accommodation after the death of her husband. She, however, overstayed beyond five years which was due to not allotment of the government accommodation to her Govt. employee son, as per his entitlement.

The learned Mohtasib issued a ruling directing the agency to allot the first available accommodation of the entitled category to the complainant's son and charge rent from the widow on the basis of ceiling rent and 5 percent of the basic pay of the Grade-5 employee instead of charging the of the pay of Grade-16 employee. Upon which the agency sought an instant representation reiterating the ground pleaded earlier.