New Grant Competition


On 12th June each year, the ‘World Day Against Child Labour’ (WDACL) is commemorated across the globe by government bodies, civil society organizations (CSOs), the United Nations and children and youth. During the past 25 years, several initiatives have been implemented by the Government of Pakistan in support of the eradication of the menace of child labour.

In 2016, a major initiative undertaken by the Office of the National Commissioner for Children - as affiliated with the Office of the Federal Ombudsman - encouraged the role of civil society in this regard, where the focus of commemorative action was to recognize, primarily through a Cash Grant Competition, projects resulting in a significant impact on addressing multi-dimensional child labour issues in the country. In this context, the Office of the National Commissioner for Children, in collaboration with UNICEF and ILO, launched a call for proposals directed at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on child labour issues. Following close scrutiny of each application in accordance with the principles of due diligence, cash grants to the value of USD 40,000 were awarded to both Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) and Sudhaar Society (SS) in Punjab province; a cash grant of USD 25,000 to Sujag Sansar Organisation (SSO) in Sindh province and a cash grant of USD 15,000 to Vershighom Area Development Organisation (VADO) in Gilgit Baltistan. Commencing in October 2016 and being due to end in July, 2017, projects are being executed by each of the selected NGOs in three provinces of Pakistan in support of the elimination of child labour and positive results have been achieved to date.

Having acquired positive learnings and experiences from each of the aforementioned projects, the Office of the National Commissioner for Children intends to expand this initiative further, and announce a new grant competition for 2017 in the hope of encouraging the participation of more civil society actors working on child rights issues across Pakistan.

At this stage, few existing NGOs will be retained with reduced funding allocation to extend current intervention of high impact while some more civil society organisations will also be included through a competitive process. The said WDACL competition will be announced both in print and electronic media shortly including the publication of comprehensive eligibility criteria such as explicability, impact and cost effectiveness. All NGOs working on child rights issues anywhere in Pakistan will be entitled to apply.

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